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Overseas Employment Agency

Overseas Employment Agency

About YumeYuki

Yume Yuki Company is located in Yangon, Myanmar, company registration licence (3317/2017 - 2018)
and Oversea Employment Agency Licence Number is 029/2019.

Our Company “ YumeYuki “ was established in the year 2017 October 19 for Manpower supply.YumeYuki Co.,Ltd is one of the registerd licence companies in the Reblic of the Union of Myanmar and authorized by the Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development and Ministry of Labour,Employment & Social Welfare.

We Specialize in the supply of manpower to the Overseas Countries and as well as the Myanmar local
market manpower supply.We are a fully accredited member of Myanmar Overseas Employment Agency

For Overseas Employment,We are engaged in the recruitment and supply experienced and skilled of
Myanmar workers to our esteemed employers,employment agencies in the various sectors of
Construction,agricultural,shipyard,Manufacturing Factories, Health Care, Food &
Beverages,Laundry,Restaurant and Hotel in Japan  Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East Countries.

The company has Japanese language speech school and Oversea Employment Agency , general service
aslo. We are giving teaching Myanmar Young Students to can l work toward Japan, Singapore,Malaysia
for work opportunities. The company basically makes a promised qualification seriously. We specialize in
the supply of manpower to overseas countries as well as for the local market.

We(YumeYuki) are an employment agency where we provide services to young adults of Myanmar in
receiving better employment and opportunities in Myanmar and overseas.By providing best services
with our commitments to the clients with a clear understanding of accountability,We can fulfill and get
good profits practically.


(チョ サン テン)


1984年ミャンマ- ヤカイン州生まれ。


B.A MYANMAR大学 (文学士 ミャンマー語専攻)を卒業後、










3年間日本 仙台にて日本語を学ぶ。


日本から帰国後、その経験を活かし2017年ミャンマー ヤンゴンにて






会社登録のライセンス番号(3317/2017 - 2018)




MOEAF(Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation)ミャンマーの送り出し機関認定メンバーの一員であり、


Code of conduct(行動規範)を守っている会社です。